What is Kabis?

What is Kabis?

In this article, we examine in depth the security system KABIS, which was activated by the General Directorate of Security on 03.10.2015. What is KABIS? How to become a member? How to use? And we will try to answer frequently asked questions.

What is Kabis?

What is KABİS in this article, in which we examine the security system KABİS, which was put into effect by the General Directorate of Security on 03.10.2015? How do I become a member? How to use? And we will try to answer similar common questions.

What is KABİS?

Kabis is an online system where the information of the rented vehicles and the information of the people who rented the vehicle are reported to the general directorate of security by the rent a car companies. The purpose of this system, which was put into service in 2015 and made mandatory by rent a car companies, is to easily identify criminals in crimes involving using rental vehicles and to prevent terrorist crimes. The use of a similar system, which has been used in the hotel industry for many years, is mandatory.

Since the identity verification is not possible in the periods when the technology has not developed so much, the crime rates with rental vehicles are quite high, and this situation is almost over thanks to systems such as KABİS, which have been put into use with the development of technology.

How To Become A Member Of KABİS?

If you are a rent a car company manager, you should write down your fixed ip address that you will obtain from your internet service provider along with your company's license and tax plate and apply to the Public Security Branch Office, Police Station Authority or the relevant unit at the nearest police station (Provincial Director of the Rental Vehicle Notification System). is enough. In the application, you will be given a form to fill in and you will need to submit the documents and your fixed IP address to the relevant unit along with this form. After these procedures, your access information to the system will be sent to you by e-mail by law enforcement officials.

How To Use KABİS?

You will be able to log in to the system at https://arackiralama.egm.gov.tr/ with the access information notified to you by the General Directorate of Security. After this point, you should enter this address regularly and record the information of each rented vehicle in the system.

Frequently Asked Questions About KABİS

What is the KABİS (Rental vehicle notification system) member code?

A unique member code is prepared for each business and transmitted to the rent a car company by EGM. You can enter KABİS system with the accompanying password by using this member code.

I forgot my KABİS password, what should I do?

If you forget your KABİS password, you should notify the security forces as soon as possible and submit your new password request to the relevant unit. KABİS password renewal transactions are carried out only with a wet signed petition. However, if you continue your leasing activities without registering in the system, you may face the risk of criminal action.

How much is the KABİS fine? (2021)

For companies that do not report their rental records to the KABİS system, although they are registered, the penalties, which are re-arranged every year, differ from city to city.

Is there any objection to the KABİS penalty?

The owner of the company who is penalized has the right to appeal within 15 days by making an application to the Criminal Court of Peace to which he is affiliated.

What are the conditions to become a member of KABİS (Rental vehicle notification system)?

In order to register to the system, the legal activity documents of your rent a car company must be complete and the record must be clean. Since the system requires a single IP address for each company, you must purchase a fixed ip address service provided by the ISP (Internet service provider) and inform the relevant security unit during your application. If there is no problem with the information and documents you provide, the relevant unit will create your membership and notify you of your access information via e-mail.


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Rent A Car Working System may change periodically to the corporate structure of the company, the situation of the sector and of course. As it is known, every company determines various strategies and working principles in accordance with its own internal dynamics. This is also true for rent a car companies.

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