Kampanya ve Fiyat Yönetimi

The campaign management you need is easier with the Price Periods application.

With the Price Periods application, price and campaign management will progress faster and more regularly. With Period definitions, you can define a special price period for certain vehicles at certain times. With the Campaigns application, you can connect all your processes to campaigns, and bring your business to the fore with campaigns.

Special Price and Campaign Management for Reservations

You can make a campaign and price period according to the branches for your reservations from the website.

Special Price and Campaign Management for Reservations

Special Prices and Campaign Management for Branches

You can separate and follow your branches in different locations with process definitions, you can make special price periods and campaigns for processes.

Special Prices and Campaign Management for Branches

Period-Specific Price and Campaign Management

You can show the price period you define and which vehicles are in the campaign during special days and holidays.

Period-Specific Price and Campaign Management
Discover Ready made All-in-One Solution for Your Rent a Car Company.

Your Price Tariff and Campaigns Met on One Screen

Define and manage special campaigns and price tariffs for your branches, define periods for special days, end long-term price changes, create periods according to years, be one step ahead.

  • Price Tariffs Definition

    Manage your price plans, Make my list by status.

  • Term Definition

    You can define prices, campaigns and deposits specific to these periods according to the periods.

  • Campaign Definition

    With the campaigns you create, you can define special campaigns for your customers.

Price Tariffs Definition
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can we add a special price tariff to the branches?

    You can manage special prices and campaign processes for all your branches.

  • Can I define more than one price period?
  • Can I create special campaigns for certain periods?

    Yes, with the campaigns application, you can create vehicle-based campaigns specific to a certain date and time range.