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With Titarus, your website works in harmony with 100% Seo and you can see your company's name at the top of the searches.

It aims to get better rankings on SERP (search engine result pages) of these optimized pages by optimizing SEO websites within the framework of search engine algorithms. Basically, with the optimizations made within the framework of the data obtained as a result of the analysis of user experiences and technical elements, it is ensured that an increase in ranking and an increase in the amount of traffic are achieved in an organic way. Thus, the services provided in the website or the products being sold will be brought to the fore and the organizations will be closer to their existing goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can SEO work be done for each page?

    SEO work can also be done on the pages added to the categories, brands, products, and content management. For these pages, special title, keyword and description information can be added to the page.

  • Is Titarus suitable for SEO infrastructure?

    Websites made with Titarus have 100% Seo compatibility with seo.

  • Can I do a 301 redirect?

    You can manage 301 redirects from the panel.