HGS and OGS Vehicle Classes

HGS and OGS Vehicle Classes

The class of the vehicle used to buy OGS or HGS to be used in tolls such as bridges and highways is important. Tools are divided into several classes and these are.

HGS and OGS Vehicle Classes

What are HGS and OGS Vehicle Classes?

The class of the vehicle used to buy OGS or HGS to be used in tolls such as bridges and highways is important. Vehicles are divided into various classes and these are;

1- Cars

 2- Minibuses

 3- Buses

4- It is in the form of Trucks and Trailers.

It should not be forgotten that the payment to be made is determined according to the class of the vehicle, the wheelbase and the wheelbase. The main difference between HGS and OGS in toll roads and bridges; one is charged over six classes and the other over five classes. For the reasons we have explained, knowing your vehicle class will be very helpful in choosing the payment method that suits your class. So, what are the HGS and OGS vehicle classes? Let's take a closer look at this issue.

What is OGS?

OGS is an abbreviation for Automatic Pass System. In this system, there are sensors that automatically collect the payment at the toll booths located on bridges and toll highways. The sensors automatically collect the account holder by reading the OGS device, which is usually affixed to the windshield of the vehicle. In the OGS payment collected at the toll booths, the fee is determined according to the class of the vehicle used.

What is HGS?

Despite the fact that the HGS system came into our lives after the previously used manual card system was discontinued and was originally intended to replace OGS, there has been no development in this direction, contrary to the statements made. The HGS system has been in service since 2012 and pricing is based on six vehicle classes. However, since it is a slower operating system compared to the OGS system, it has brought along various problems. Since the toll booths that receive payment by HGS are narrower than the OGS system and the readers are less sensitive, the vehicles have to slow down and this causes congestion.

HGS and OGS Vehicle Classes

HGS and OGS systems make pricing according to different criteria. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, there is a pricing suitable for six different vehicle classes for HGS and five different vehicle classes for OGS. Another point to be noted here is; No matter which payment system you purchase, it is very important that you specify your vehicle class correctly. Vehicles that do not report the vehicle class correctly are blacklisted and suffer various grievances. Pricing is usually calculated according to the size - function or axle-wheelbase distances in accordance with the vehicle class. Therefore, to know which payment system is right for you, you should know the HGS and OGS vehicle classes:

1-Class Vehicle: Wheelbase-wheelbase like cars; Vehicles below 3.20 meters are considered as 1st class vehicles.

2nd Class Vehicle: It includes all kinds of 2-axle vehicles with a wheelbase-wheelbase of 3.20 meters and above, such as minibuses.

3rd Class Vehicle: Vehicles with 3 axle-axle number of passenger buses are defined as third class vehicles.

4th Class Vehicle: Any truck with 4 or 5 axles is considered a 4th class vehicle.

5th Class Vehicle: Trucks and trucks and trailers with more than 6 axles are in the 5th Class vehicle category.

Class 6 Vehicle: In the HGS class, motorcycles are considered class 6 vehicles. But it counts as 1st class in the OGS system, (they pay half as much as the cars on the bridge-highways)

HGS and OGS vehicle classes can make different classifications in pricing, as in the current application for motorcycles.

It is easy to know the class of vehicle you have acquired for your personal use and to keep track of the status of your preferred payment system. However, if you are managing a rent a car company, it can be difficult to learn and follow the HGS or OGS applications of your entire fleet, the expenditures and current balances of the vehicles you rent.

Titarus offers modules that allow you to easily follow the HGS and OGS processes of the vehicles in your fleet.


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Rent A Car Working System may change periodically to the corporate structure of the company, the situation of the sector and of course. As it is known, every company determines various strategies and working principles in accordance with its own internal dynamics. This is also true for rent a car companies.

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