Yolcu Transfer

The transfer management you need is faster and more systematic with the Transfer application.

You can follow the transfer processes of your customers with Transfer management, you can see your open transfer contractual returns, your departures and future reservations, and you can organize your reservation system accordingly. You can minimize your risk to your customers with risk management. You can inform your vehicles that are in transfer, those who are approaching the service and inspection by automatic mail and sms.

Geniş Entegrasyon Seçeneklerini Değerlendirin

Bilinen tüm hizmet sağlayıları ile entegre olun.

Vehicle Tracking Integration

Vehicle Tracking Integration

With this system, your GPS location, vehicle speed, route and engine on-off actions are tracked and transmitted in real time. Instant access to this data is provided through the vehicle tracking system.

HGS Integration

HGS Integration

Add all your tools. Access the pass and violation lists of your vehicles. Upload HGS balances. HGS upload history, check your transaction history records. Manage your tags.

Call Center Integration

Call Center Integration

See the calling customer's company and personal information on Titarus. Automatically save your call information. List the calls. If you wish, start a new call

Transfer Management

On the Vehicles page in the Transfer application, you can see the station and parking lot definitions of the vehicles and the performance of your vehicle according to the total contracts opened to the vehicle and open contracts.

Transfer Management

Contract Management

You can distinguish and manage contracts according to Companies, Customers, Sales Representatives and Vehicles. You can report according to the specified distinctions.

Contract Management

Process management

You can separate and follow your branches in different locations with process definitions, you can make special price periods, vehicle type definitions and campaigns for processes. You can see the open and closed contracts of the branches, the parking lot and condition of the vehicles.

Process management
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Passenger Transfer Tracking System

You can analyze the transfer processes of your customers, your open transfer contract, your vehicles in the transfer, and get a report.

  • Track Your Open and Closed Contras

    See all open and closed contracts' vehicle information, lessor person or company information, rental information, service breakdowns, payments made, discounts, additional service information, contract partner, customer's risk information.

  • UEDTS Transfer

    Notify your customers, whose transfer process will start, to the UEDTS system with a single click

  • Special Discount to Contract

    You can apply discounts to each contract separately. If you wish, you can manage contract discount with customer discount, under-invoice discount or amount discount.

Track Your Open and Closed Contras
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is It Possible to Make a One Way Transfer Only?

    Yes, you can book a one-way transfer to the destination you want to go. For example; You can complete your reservation from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport.

  • Can I Use More Than One Payment Method in Transfer?
  • Can I add more than one different vehicle to the transfer contract?

    You can add the recommended vehicles according to the number of people and define different prices for those vehicles.