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Vehicle Maintenance Tracking System

Perhaps the most difficult part of the vehicles to follow is the service records and maintenance times, most companies miss these maintenances or spend extra effort to follow up, but with the Service Maintenance application, you can see your vehicles in service and find out which service point they are. You can see your vehicles that are about to be serviced and if they are rented, you can inform them by automatic mail and sms. You can see the maintenance and service records of the vehicles with plate-based past dates.

Periodic Maintenance Management

You can do the upcoming periodic maintenance of your vehicles in a timely and systematic way and get a report of your past maintenance. What service does your vehicle do?

Periodic Maintenance Management

Damage and Accident Management

In case of damage and accident, you can distinguish which service your vehicles will go to, according to the extent of damage and accident, and analyze the vehicles according to which situation.

Damage and Accident Management

Tire Change Management

Tire Change Management can respond to all your processes in terms of separating the tires within the company according to their characteristics, in which cases they should be changed and to follow up.

Tire Change Management
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What works can I manage with the service maintenance application?

    You can follow the periodic maintenance, detailed cleaning, tire replacement, accident-damage records of your vehicle

  • Does the system inform when the maintenance of the vehicles is approaching?

    Depending on the upcoming maintenance of the rented or idle vehicles, the system reminds you to continue.

  • How can I follow the tire maintenance of vehicles?

    According to the tire definitions you have made on the cards of the vehicles, you can see the expired tires.