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Aug 2021, 30

Vehicle Subscription

Feyza Uzun
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Vehicle Subscription

When you need a car for reasons that arise in both personal and business life, the first option is to borrow it from your relatives. In cases where this option is not suitable, it is necessary to consider buying or renting a new or second hand vehicle. In our country, especially due to the situation of customs tax and special consumption tax rates, it is not an easy decision to buy a new vehicle because it causes serious costs. However, in rental options, there are many contractual conditions, many inflexible conditions such as how long the vehicle will be used, how many kilometers can be used per year and what the insurance covers.

The innovations brought by today's technology and the changes in user demand deeply affect the automotive industry. For this reason, a new purchase/lease option, usually organized by automotive manufacturers, entered our lives. Thanks to this service, which entered the sector under the name of vehicle subscription service, the user gains access to various vehicles to be determined by the company with fixed payments paid by the user. In other words, to make a short understandable definition; Thanks to this service, which you pay monthly, it allows you to meet your vehicle needs within a few days to a year without having to be tied to a single vehicle.

How Is Car Subscription Different From Rental and Car Sharing Services?

Vehicle subscription service is still a service offered by certain manufacturer brands and these brands serve certain regions. Since each brand shapes its own vehicle subscription services, it is possible to encounter different options in the market.

The monthly fee paid in the vehicle subscription service includes maintenance, insurance and roadside assistance services as well as vehicle rentals. The cost of the fuel used belongs to the user.

Who Offers Vehicle Subscription Services?

As we mentioned in our article, the vehicle subscription service is a service usually offered by luxury vehicle manufacturers. This service was first launched by BMW with a program called “Access by BMW”. The program covered the Legend and M series. When the calendars showed the year 2017, this time the “Book by Cadillac” program was announced by Cadillac and started to serve.

The vehicle subscription service offers a variety of opportunities that vary from company to company. For example, Cadillac allows up to 18 vehicle replacements per year, while this number is limited to 1 in Volvo, which provides the same service.

Third Party Services

Companies that offer third-party services in the vehicle subscription service often provide access to more than one brand. Vehicles used in a third-party vehicle subscription service may be used or previously leased. This is the reason why they can provide cheaper service than manufacturers.

You can come across the vehicle subscription service offered by various manufacturers in the West under the name Carro in the Far East. Carro, the largest automotive market in Southeast Asia, not only takes advantage of being the first in the region, but also offers its customers all the privileges of owning a vehicle, with this service launched in Singapore. You have the opportunity to choose the one that suits you from 1200, 1500 and 2000 dollars packages at Carro, which offers three different pricing. The package selection is shaped according to the demands of the user, and the package can be changed in accordance with the changing needs.

It is an important development that services such as Carro take place in Singapore, which is the most expensive country in the world to own a car. Thanks to these services offered by Carro, people can drive more easily due to both the high vehicle prices and the mandatory document such as the government's authorization certificate (COE), which costs $20,000 alone and gives the person the right to use their vehicle for 10 years.