Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the answers to all your questions about Titarus.

Araç Yönetimi

  • According to which situations can I analyze my vehicles?

    You can analyze your vehicles' policy, service inspection and periodic maintenance.

  • Can I visit different branches?

    Yes. With Titarus, you can visit different branches and manage your company.

  • Can we follow the monthly income and expenses of my vehicle?

    Yes, you can get plate-based reports in the Income and Expenses application.

Servis Bakım

  • What works can I manage with the service maintenance application?

    You can follow the periodic maintenance, detailed cleaning, tire replacement, accident-damage records of your vehicle

  • Does the system inform when the maintenance of the vehicles is approaching?

    Depending on the upcoming maintenance of the rented or idle vehicles, the system reminds you to continue.

  • How can I follow the tire maintenance of vehicles?

    According to the tire definitions you have made on the cards of the vehicles, you can see the expired tires.

Poliçe Yönetimi

  • Can We Create Insurance Types in the Policies application?

    With the Policies application, you can create multiple insurance types such as Vehicle, Housing, Person and Office.

  • Can we define more than one agency?

    You can define agency definitions as many times as you want and you can define special discounts for agencies.

  • Does the vehicle take into account the policy validity period when creating a contract?

    Yes, you can track your rented or leased vehicles on the system and you can automatically call your leased vehicles on the system.

Araç Kiralama

  • Through which application can I view car rental agreements?

    You can see the contracts (agreements) of all your customers through the car rental application.

  • Can I issue more than one contract to the same customer?

    Yes. You can issue as many contracts as you want to the same customer, and list all their contracts.

  • What are the types of discounts that I can apply for ?

    Special discounts can be applied to products, customers, business partners and invoices.

    It is possible to apply the total of (muktiple) discounts to the invoice amount: 50% + 20% = 70% discount.
    Or discounts can be applied one after the other: 50% → 20% = 60% discount.

Filo Kiralama

  • Can I define different branches?

    Yes. With Titarus, you can define different branches and manage your company.

  • According to which situations can I analyze my vehicles?

    You can analyze your vehicles in policy, service inspection and periodic maintenance categories.

  • Can I issue bulk invoices for fleet contracts?

    With the periods given to the contracts created, the system can automatically issue invoices either at the beginning of the month or at the end of the month.

Yolcu Transfer

  • Is It Possible to Make a One Way Transfer Only?

    Yes, you can book a one-way transfer to the destination you want to go. For example; You can complete your reservation from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport.

  • Can I Use More Than One Payment Method in Transfer?
  • Can I add more than one different vehicle to the transfer contract?

    You can add the recommended vehicles according to the number of people and define different prices for those vehicles.


  • Can I add extras to reservations?

    Yes. Extras such as additional driver's seat, tire-window-headlight insurance, mini damage insurance can be added.

  • Can I calculate/set different discounts?

    Special discounts can be applied to products, customers, business partners and invoices.

    It is possible to apply the total of (muktiple) discounts to the invoice amount: 50% + 20% = 70% discount.
    Or discounts can be applied one after the other: 50% → 20% = 60% discount.

  • Can I define different price periods?

    Yes. It is possible to define different price periods.

Kampanya ve Fiyat Yönetimi

  • Can we add a special price tariff to the branches?

    You can manage special prices and campaign processes for all your branches.

  • Can I define more than one price period?
  • Can I create special campaigns for certain periods?

    Yes, with the campaigns application, you can create vehicle-based campaigns specific to a certain date and time range.

Online Rezervasyon & Ödeme

  • Can I integrate multiple websites?

    Yes, you can manage the online reservation and payment processes of multiple websites.

  • Which virtual pos companies can I integrate with?

    It can be integrated with all virtual pos providers.

  • How can I manage my online reservation?

    With the reservation application, you can manage incoming reservations and payments, you can also invoice the reservation directly or open it in a contract.

İçerik Üretimi ve Yönetimi

  • Can I manage the content of my multiple websites?

    Yes, you can use the content of your multiple websites in the Contents application in different setups.

  • Can I archive my content without publishing it anywhere?

    Yes, you can create your content within the Intranet and publish it only for your staff.

  • Is it possible to comment on the content?

    Yes, you can turn comments on and off on the content you want.

Müşteriye Özel Mobil Uygulama

  • Is internet required to use my mobile application ?

    Yes. Since Titarus is a web-based application, an internet connection is required.

  • Will my mobile application work on all platforms?

    Yes. It works perfectly on all mobile phones and tablets that use IOS or Android.

Websitesi Template

  • Can I have a different design website?

    We can make a custom website for you.

  • Will my website work smoothly on other platforms such as phones and tablets?

    Yes, your website is designed to run smoothly on all platforms.

  • Can I do Transfer, Chauffeured Car Rental and Car Rental processes from a single website?

    Car Rental, Chauffeured Car Rental, Transfer and Fleet Rental processes can be designed on a single website.

SEO ve Modern Web Çözümü

  • Can SEO work be done for each page?

    SEO work can also be done on the pages added to the categories, brands, products, and content management. For these pages, special title, keyword and description information can be added to the page.

  • Is Titarus suitable for SEO infrastructure?

    Websites made with Titarus have 100% Seo compatibility with seo.

  • Can I do a 301 redirect?

    You can manage 301 redirects from the panel.

Muhasebe Yönetimi

  • Can I create an invoice for foreign currency?

    Yes. With Titarus, the Turkish Lira, US Dollar, Euro and British Pound currencies can be used to create invoices.

  • Is there an e-invoice integration?

    Yes. Titarus' infrastructure provides you with e-invoice integration support.

  • Can I give recurring invoice orders?

    Yes. With Titarus, you can give recurring invoices for regular orders.

Müşteri İlişkileri (CRM)

  • Can I add activities for customers?

    Yes. Create call and visitation records for your customers. List them.

  • Can I prepare/make an offer ?

    Yes. You can prepare quick and easy offers by saving templates specific to your company needs.

  • Can I reuse my bulk SMS and bulk mailing lists?

    Yes. You can use the lists at all times, without limitation.

İnsan Kaynakları

  • Can I prepare an organization chart for my team?

    Yes, you can prepare an in-house organization chart and define tasks.

  • What are the features of the Intranet application?

    With the Intranet application, you can customize widgets such as hiring and firing of employees, promotions and birthdays. Additionally, you can use many other features such as road and weather conditions, articles, news and exchange rates.

  • What actions can I carry out with the personnel management software?

    You can keep records of company employee information such as training, expenditure, performance, personal files and leave with the Personnel Management Software.


  • What are the features of integration applications?

    Integration with bank accounts, cargo and logistics, accounting and erp, bank pos systems, marketplaces, cloud services, mail services, sms services, call center services are the basic features.

  • Can I add a timer to the integration application?

    Yes, you can add a custom timer to all integrations and specify a date and time range.

  • Can I integrate with the vehicle tracking system I use?

    Yes, we can integrate with your vehicle tracking systems and you can manage all your processes from the Titarus panel.