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Rent A Car Working System

Sedef Sofulular
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Rent A Car Working System

Rent A Car Working System may change periodically to the corporate structure of the company, the situation of the sector and of course. As it is known, every company determines various strategies and working principles in accordance with its own internal dynamics. This is also true for rent a car companies. For this reason, the information we will give about the rent a car working system is not valid for every company, but it is presented in accordance with the general structure of the sector.

Assurance Fee / Provision

Rent a car companies may request from their customers to make a security deposit or a provision from their credit cards in order to guarantee the price of the goods they rent and the damages that may arise from use. Assurance fee or provision is generally requested by the company in order to cover the damages caused by traffic fines, missing fuel, minor damages and removal of dirt caused by carrying pets in the vehicle, and it is returned without any deduction during the rental processes where these problems are not experienced.

Rent A Car Insurance

Every vehicle rented from rent a car companies is protected by a special insurance policy that covers damages up to a certain amount. Although this amount varies according to the agreement made by the company, it usually corresponds to a figure of 1.500 TL. For damages that do not exceed this amount, no fee is charged from the rental customer. Of course, it should not be forgotten that rent a car insurance is valid in cases where the vehicle is used by the declared driver and the driver does not use alcohol or drugs. The driver who violates either of these two conditions is legally liable for all damage.

Fuel Principles

In the rent a car working system, two different ways are followed in terms of fuel. While some companies take delivery of the vehicle they have delivered with an empty warehouse, some companies prefer a full warehouse. Firms working with the principle of full tank check the warehouse when the car is delivered at the end of the rental process, and if the fuel tank is delivered incompletely, they collect the missing amount of fuel from the customer's security deposit or from the credit card for which provisioning is made.

Cleaning of Vehicles

The cleaning of the rented vehicles also has an important place in the rent a car working system. Although there are differences between companies, generally all vehicles are cleaned before they are delivered to the customer. Due to the covid-19 epidemic, which continues to affect especially in our country and in the world, additional responsibilities are imposed on rent a car companies. In periods when the rental cycle is fast, the vehicle taken from the customer should be disinfected as part of the fight against the epidemic, as well as cleaning. Under normal conditions, a staff member is on duty for cleaning and professional support may be required for disinfection while cleaning the incoming vehicles.

Renewal of Vehicles

Every person or company that makes a rental wants the vehicle they use to have the latest possible model. While this request is demanded for both safety and comfort, it means making continuous vehicle purchase and sale transactions for rent a car companies. The renewal process, which requires a serious investment, especially for companies that rent luxury vehicles, should be carefully researched before the investment decision.

In this article, where we examined the rental a car working system, we tried to sort and explain the processes item by item. Of course, there are different processes in the rent a car working system. For example, we will cover processes such as customer service, accounting, human resources and website management in another article.

Managing all the processes carried out in the rent a car working system with manpower causes a serious burden and the system to work slowly. Therefore, our recommendation is to benefit from the power of technology in this regard. It is designed to provide all the support needed in the Titarus rent a car operating system.