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Periodic Maintenance

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Periodic Maintenance

What is Periodic Vehicle Maintenance? Coverage and Current Prices

Periodic vehicle maintenance is all of the processes that are carried out at intervals determined as a result of the tests carried out by the manufacturer, in which the parts and fluids of the vehicle are changed and repaired when necessary, and that affects both the life of the vehicle and the safety positively. Vehicle owners who regularly perform periodic vehicle maintenance will have a better experience in terms of vehicle performance and driving safety. Otherwise, it may have to face both security threats and damage that is difficult to replace.

Why is Periodic Maintenance Important?

Checking, adjusting and changing motor vehicles at regular intervals significantly increases the performance of the vehicle. In the maintenance process, major problems that may occur are prevented by the examinations and interventions by the professionals. It is possible to list these investigations and interventions as follows:

  1. Tire Care
  2. Engine Oil Change
  3. Changing the Oil Filter
  4. Air Filter Replacement
  5. Pollen Filter Replacement
  6. Fuel Filter Replacement
  7. Battery Maintenance
  8. Glow Plug Control
  9. Brake System Controls
  10. Headlight and Lighting System Controls
  11. Air Conditioning System Controls
  12. Control of the Suspension System
  13. Exhaust System Controls

What Does Periodic Vehicle Maintenance Cover?

Periodic vehicle maintenance is vital for safe driving and economic use. The process applied to the vehicles that are regularly taken to the service and periodically serviced may differ for various reasons. Data such as fuel type, brand, model and mileage cause differences between the processes to be applied during periodic maintenance. Services that carry out periodic vehicle maintenance perform the maintenance in accordance with the periodic maintenance schedule presented by the manufacturer in the light of these data.

Types of Periodic Vehicle Maintenance

Periodic vehicle maintenance is also called by different names due to the parts that change according to the condition of the vehicle.

Standard Maintenance: In this maintenance, which is carried out at intervals determined by the manufacturer, the filters and oil of the vehicle are changed.

45,000 or 60,000 Maintenance: In addition to the changes made in standard maintenance, it is a type of maintenance where many operations such as spark plug replacement, alternator belt replacement and automatic transmission replacement can be performed.

Heavy Maintenance: In this type of maintenance, which we come across in industry jargon, the timing set can be changed, as well as the replacement of the parts we have mentioned before.

10 Thousand Maintenance: Almost all of the manufacturers want their vehicles to be serviced within a certain period of time. The reason for this is that the parts and oils used are used more healthily and the vehicle performance is not affected. Although it is called 10,000 maintenance, it is done once in 15,000 on some vehicles and once in 20,000 on some vehicles.

What Happens If Periodic Vehicle Maintenance Is Not Performed?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, periodic vehicle maintenance is a must for better performance, safer driving experience and long service life. Since every part used during vehicle production has a lifetime, each maintenance is special in itself. The parts of your vehicle that have expired are changed in accordance with their useful life in the periodic maintenance schedule. In this way, larger damages and accidents that may occur are prevented.

Things to Consider in Periodic Vehicle Maintenance

Regardless of brand and model, every vehicle should be taken to periodic vehicle maintenance. Although more advanced parts are produced in the light of technological developments, it should be calculated that due to the nature of the goods, they will begin to wear out and fail to fulfill their duties. For this reason, you must comply with the instructions in the periodic vehicle maintenance schedule transmitted by the workshop for both the engine and the driveline.

Periodic vehicle maintenance is a process that should not be neglected. Especially if you manage a lot of vehicles, such as rent a car companies, you may find it difficult to follow the periodic maintenance dates. Titarus offers a powerful solution with modules that allow you to keep track of periodic vehicle maintenance dates.