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Rental Vehicle Tracking System

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
Rental Vehicle Tracking System

Rental vehicle tracking system is a system that allows rent a car companies to send information to the center with a GPS connection of a small device installed in their vehicles, and also provides instant tracking with location notification. For car rental companies, cost and safety are very important considering the value of the car they rent. For this reason, the best way to prevent misuse of vehicles, violation of traffic rules, involvement in crime and, of course, theft, is of course the rental vehicle tracking system. In this article, let's detail why the rental car tracking system is important for a rent a car company.

Quickly Find the Stolen Vehicle

Theft of a vehicle is the biggest headache for rent a car companies. Lost and stolen vehicle incidents are very common in our country and cause a great financial burden on the rent a car company. Rent a car vehicle tracking system can help you find lost vehicles very easily. You can also create Geo-Fencing based on the locations that customers will visit. When the vehicle goes off the route, you will receive a warning by the software and you can take other actions in advance.

Prevent Abuse

In the rental process, after the vehicle is delivered to the customer, everything is in the hands of the customer. If you don't have a tracking system, you'll have no idea where the vehicle is going or what it's doing after it leaves the company. Thanks to the tracking system, if the vehicle goes to a suspicious location, you can intervene immediately and take measures to ensure the safety of your vehicle.
Pay Attention to Customer's Driving Behavior

Through the rental vehicle tracking system, you can access many data that allow you to understand the way the vehicle is used. For example, data such as how long the vehicle has traveled at how many kilometers speed, how many times the brakes have been made, provide you with the opportunity to create a detailed profile about the customer's driving. You can create various policies between your customers who comply with the rules and use the car correctly and your customers who use the car badly to use in future rentals. After all, every rent a car company wants to rent their vehicles to master drivers.

Improve Vehicle Life

For rent a car companies, it is important that the vehicles they rent are healthy for a long time in terms of reducing costs. For this reason, in addition to not interrupting the routine maintenance of the vehicles, how the customers who use the vehicles use the vehicles also plays a decisive role. Parts and engine lifetimes of vehicles may be shortened by customers who brake suddenly, use the vehicle in unsuitable environments, or operate the vehicle at the wrong speed. In order to prevent this, you have the opportunity to instantly monitor the data provided by the rental vehicle tracking system. In this way, you can call and warn customers who constantly make mistakes in vehicle use and set a policy accordingly for subsequent rentals.

Get Rid of Legal Issues

You cannot have the opportunity to know too much about the histories of the persons and companies that make the lease. For this reason, you cannot know whether the people who rented the vehicle will commit any crime with the vehicle they rented. In such cases, your company will be the first place for law enforcement to apply, since you have a license plate. In cases where you do not have a rent a car vehicle tracking system, you may not have the opportunity to present any evidence to law enforcement. Thanks to the rental vehicle tracking system, which vehicle was found at which moment and at which location is recorded and you can easily access this data whenever you need it.

Thanks to Titarus rent a car vehicle tracking system module, Turkey's First and Only Rent A Car ERP Software, you can track all your vehicles instantly. Thanks to the software that offers all the features mentioned above, you will have the chance to manage the vehicle tracking process while doing the work of your rent a car company.