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What is Required to Open a Rent A Car?

Fethi Uzun
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What is Required to Open a Rent A Car?

It is necessary to fulfill certain conditions in order to invest in the car rental - rent a car sector, which has become one of the fastest growing sectors of today. Opening a rent a car is a process that needs to be handled on its own, both with its investment dimension, with its legal procedures and with its management at the end of all processes. As for what you need to do to open a rent a car, regardless of the investment amount,


Feasibility is a report that brings together what will be needed for a commercial investment and the analyzes required to reveal achievable targets. The feasibility in the rent a car sector; It sheds light on issues such as which vehicle brands are rented more, region selection, number of vehicles, expenses in general terms, and how long the investment will return. In order to open a rent a car company, it is beneficial to have a detailed feasibility report prepared first.

Vehicle Fleet

You must answer the question of how many vehicles your company will have in a fleet. Since rent a car companies make bulk purchases, it will be convenient for you to research which brand offers discounts on such purchases. Do not forget that people and institutions that rent a car from your company will also pay attention to the model of the car they rent. For this reason, you should renew the vehicles in your fleet every few years, maintain and repair your existing vehicles without interruption, and solve the problems you detect before the vehicle is delivered to the customer.

Legal Requirements

Before you apply to open a rent a car company, there are some conditions that you must meet. Applying after meeting these conditions will ensure that the process is concluded much faster. The terms are as follows:

• You must have a closed area of ​​at least 80 m2.

• You need to have a detailed workplace layout sketch prepared. You should never change this prepared sketch without permission.

• Flammable and explosive materials should not be in the car rental business area.

• LPG vehicles should never be kept in a closed area.

Company Establishment

Working with a competent accountant while establishing a rent a car company will make the process go faster and effortless for you. As in every company establishment, there are documents that the state requires you to submit. These documents are:

• Copy of identity card

• Residence document (can be obtained from e-Government).

• Deed copy

• Building occupancy permit document

• The original or notarized copy of the lease contract

• 2 passport photos

• Tax plate

• Chamber of Craftsmen or Chamber of Commerce registration certificate

• Fire measure has been taken, report

• Municipal work permit license

• Signature Circulars

• Criminal record (can be obtained from e-Government.)

After submitting the above documents to your accountant, the process is started and followed by the accountant. At the end of the process, the location of your company is determined by the tax office, and your company is approved at the address you submitted and is ready for operation, and you are allowed to start operating.

Software Support

Rent a car companies can be diversified according to their fleet and operation sizes. The only point that does not change in this sector, where many large and small companies compete, is the necessity of specially prepared software for rent a car companies.

Tracking the vehicles in the fleets of rent a car companies, storing customer information, contract management, personnel management, etc. It has processes that need to be managed in many areas. Since making use of manpower for each process will bring serious financial burdens, software support in this regard becomes inevitable.

Titarus, Turkey's first and only rent a car ERP software, includes many solutions for rent a car companies that are both newly established and still continuing their activities.