About Us

The internet, which is the miracle of technological developments; By offering a meaning beyond connectivity, it has created a universal space for information sharing, cooperation and trade. Since the 1980s, company structures, which have entered a new interpretation process as an open system, are undergoing changes in terms of social, economic, cultural and structural aspects at a speed that cannot be compared with previous periods, with the effect of developments in computer and communication technologies. Yes, companies are changing, the interesting thing is that the speed of this change is increasing day by day.

This change in information, technology and communication brings companies face to face with a strong sense of competition that they are not accustomed to until now. The winners are those who have strong competitive reflexes, that is, those who have the ability to respond immediately to the demand of the market. This is what we do as TITARUS.

We design the information and communication architecture and establish the infrastructure according to the new competition and market conditions of the companies. In short, we make software. TİTARUS, which has signed more than 300 projects in total, such as corporate websites, B2B and B2C E-commerce applications, customer relationship management (CRM), cafe-restaurant automation solutions and SMS and Mailing solutions, adopts unconditional customer satisfaction as a principle and continues after product delivery. continues its support.