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Titarus Rent A Car Program

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Titarus Rent A Car Program

What is Titarus Rent A Car Program?

Although car rental companies are separated from each other according to the size of their fleets, the width of their portfolios and the number of service points, the processes carried out have almost the same complexity for all companies. Very compact processes should be managed in the management of the fleet, obtaining and detailing the necessary records regarding the portfolio, bringing the customer relations to a certain standard structure and many more. For this reason, we have brought the facilities offered by technology to a structure that will also benefit rent a car companies and put it at your service with the name Titarus. Before addressing important issues, it is worth explaining exactly what Titarus is. Titarus is a set of software and services designed entirely with the needs of rent a car companies in mind. It is aimed to save both time and manpower thanks to the software that allows you to manage all the managerial processes you need while managing a rent a car company from a single screen. So what are the features that distinguish Titarus from others? Let's look for an answer to this question.

1- Website

When you decide to work with Titarus, you will have a very stylish website with it. You can share detailed information about your company and your fleet, as well as make reservations or even accept payments on your website. The website you will have is 100% compatible with all devices and browsers.

2- Mobile Applications

Thanks to our mobile application waiting for you in Apple AppStore and Google Play stores, you can reach the system at any time. Thanks to the mobile applications that make managerial functions much more independent, you can carry out your work, observe the processes and concentrate on other works with peace of mind, regardless of time and place.

3- Real Time Transactions

Titarus allows all users defined to the system to operate simultaneously. While its powerful infrastructure and its technology ensure that all processes are run simultaneously in the background, confusion is prevented thanks to the system that updates itself in every process.

4- Detailed and Simple Design

A detailed but simple design has been put forward in both software and service management. The user experience is at the forefront thanks to the interface developed with a focus on managing all processes without confusing the user and making transactions easily.

5- Unlimited Support

When you continue on your journey with Titarus, you will also be a part of a continuously developing community that supports you in every difficulty you encounter, enables you to gain a perfect control over the system with trainings. Service providers, software developers and customer service representatives are at your side whenever you need them.

6- Stop Paying Extra License Fees

Like all commercial businesses, rent a car companies also need various software to manage various units and these units. It is possible to find various software for each of the units such as vehicle fleet management, customer relations, human resources and accounting. Of course, if you consider that you purchase software separately for each, you can estimate the size of the cost that will arise. When you buy Titarus, you are actually purchasing a complete solution. Although it is designed according to the processes of rent a car companies with its main lines, it allows the management of all units from a single screen with its modules. With a single Titarus license you will purchase today, you can have software that can be used safely by all units of your company.

If you're still unsure or have questions in mind, our customer relations officer is as close as a message to answer all your questions and discuss other details. Do not hesitate to contact us on any subject that you have in mind.