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Apr 2021, 19

Car Rental Database

Fethi Uzun
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Car Rental Database

What is Car Rental Database Program?

The rent a car program is the software that provides less personnel, almost zero error and time savings for companies doing car rental business, and allows both the management of the rental processes and the execution of various business and transactions within the company, and also has strong rent a car database connections. solution.

The secret of success in the rent a car sector, which has become an increasingly developing and growing sector today, is the portfolio you hold and the rent a car database where you store information to perform transactions related to this portfolio. Each rent a car program works with various database types to perform data operations and store the information needed. The decisive factor here is to create a database model suitable for the rent a car program and to optimize the queries.

General Features of Rent a Car Programs

Rent a car programs are indispensable helpers for car rental companies. For this reason, many alternative programs specific to this sector have been developed. In this process, where technology is constantly in progress, a new rent a car program and rent a car database technologies appear every day. For this reason, while referring to the features that a rent a car program should have in general terms, we would like to state that these features may vary between programs and that changes may occur in parallel with technology. Let's briefly talk about the features that the rent a car program should have without distributing the subject too much.

1. Advanced Vehicle Management

All details of the vehicles owned by your company should be kept ready for use in the rent a car database. In this way, you can quickly have all the data you need about your vehicles.

2. Contract Management

You should be able to easily see all companies that have made a rental agreement with your company in the past, and make arrangements and updates. You can also use past contracts to create up-to-date quotes.

3. Maintenance Tracking

A properly designed rent a car program should keep all maintenance - repair history of your vehicle in the rent a car database. In addition, it should inform you with warnings about your vehicles that are due for maintenance, so that you can ensure sustainability.

4. Legal Process Tracking

Keeping track of the insurance and legal inspection days of each of the vehicles in your fleet is a bit annoying in the manual system. The rent a car program should offer a module where you can create warnings that inform you on what day each vehicle in the fleet should be inspected and their insurance should be renewed. These data kept in the rent a car database should be safely stored for many years.

5.Reservation Management

Your customers may not always want to work in a rental-and-go way. Sometimes, due to a future vacation plan or business trip, they may want to book those dates. In order to avoid possible confusion, the reservation management module should be used by the rent a car program. In this way, you can avoid both waiting for your vehicles in vain and embarrassment towards your customers.

Titarus, Turkey's first and only Rent A Car ERP Software, is a rent-a-car program in which all the services needed in rent a car database transactions are designed carefully and offered to your service. With the modules it offers, it offers all the features we have listed above to your service. In addition to all these features, Titarus, which has gone far beyond a rent a car program with its additional services, is the exact equivalent of your needs in many areas from the website to the accounting of your company. You can contact us to meet Titarus and to end your rent a car program need.