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What is Vehicle Tracking System? How does it work?

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What is Vehicle Tracking System? How does it work?

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Who knew that an idea put forward by a scientist during the cold war to gain an advantage for his country would turn into a technology that almost all of us use today? Satellite supported location service, which is also available in mobile phones that are in almost everyone's pockets today, started to be used in vehicles long before the phones and preferred as a measure to increase efficiency. Briefly, the vehicle tracking system is a very useful system that transfers the location information of the vehicle and the data collected by other sensors located on the vehicle to a center and offers it to the access of the end user.

What are Vehicle Tracking Systems, How Does It Work?

The vehicle tracking system is a technology where the location information received from GPS satellites and other data collected through other sensors in the vehicle is transferred to a server over GSM / GPRS, and the user can access this information through the access information defined by the vehicle. The process works as follows: The mobile data device mounted on the vehicle transfers the location information it receives from the satellite and the telemetric data it collects from other connected sensors to the server via GPS / GPRS, allowing it to be recorded in the database. The recorded data are made available to the end user through a special software. The software can be a desktop application or a web software that can be accessed over the internet. The user can access the system with the user name and password assigned to him, and monitor his vehicles instantly or examine all the data collected retrospectively.

The Most Practical Way to Lower Your Costs

If your company has one or more vehicles, you have to admit that the biggest expense associated with these vehicles is of course fuel. Considering the fuel prices in our country and the frequency of hike in these prices, it is a fact that it is necessary to reduce fuel consumption first in order to reduce costs. At this point, the most powerful technology that helps you is undoubtedly the Vehicle tracking system.

Users who have access to the system can have information about the fuel consumption of the vehicles, whether they are moving on the specified route, driver-induced consumption anomalies and many more. Thanks to these data, critical information such as whether the vehicle and fuel consumption is performed outside of its purpose can be obtained. Moreover, since all these data are taken instantly, necessary warnings and precautions can be taken instantly by the user connected to the system.

Vehicle tracking system is a technology that every company should use regardless of the sector and the number of vehicles. You can always control your vehicles, reduce unnecessary costs and eliminate the problem of trust, if any, thanks to this system, which pays off your initial investment in an average of 6 - 9 months in material and spiritual terms.

Proactive Care and Improvement

No matter how carefully you take care of your fleet of vehicles, overlooked malfunctions over time can leave you in a difficult situation. A tiny malfunction that is overlooked during maintenance can cause much bigger problems over time and even cause loss of property and life. Vehicle tracking system has the ability to detect many problems that you cannot detect in advance. With the introduction of smart technologies, it not only warns you about malfunctions, but also offers solutions. In this way, you will have the chance to solve the problems that may occur in your vehicles without causing any problems yet.