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Sep 2020, 05

Rent A Car Software

Yunus Tıraş
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Rent A Car Software

Rent A Car Software

With the increase in the size of the work performed in today's business world, taking advantage of technology has become a necessity thanks to its practicality. In this context, one of the sectors that develop itself is rent a car companies. The rent a car software, which was developed for the rent a car companies to do their work faster and more reliably and to follow their business, enables the tracking of information about rental, reservation, accounting income and expense transactions, vehicle maintenance in car rental companies. Customer information can be defined in the program. With the software, besides customer and vehicle information, rental transactions, reservation transactions and vehicle income and expense situations can be presented to the operator as a document. Thanks to Titarus software, all processes that a rent a car company may need can be controlled and easily managed remotely.

What is Rent A Car Software?

If you are in the car rental sector and your primary goal is to run your business systematically and reliably, then you definitely need car rental software. While developing the software in question, everything needed in the sector has been considered. Titarus has an extremely easy to use interface. Thanks to the high security authorization service in the system, even when you are not in the company, the works are carried out smoothly. Through the authorization system of the software, you can prevent employees from accessing various menus of the program, and you can only access menus related to their authorization areas. Many companies today suffer from the issue of employees tampering with company records. Thanks to the software in question, the company owner does not encounter such problems.

With the effective control system of the program, companies that have more than one office can see all centers under a single window. Thanks to the powerful database of the software, regardless of the number of branches, all branches can record the transactions made using the same database. The owner or manager of the company also controls these transactions from a single center. In cases where vehicles are transferred between branches, it can be seen through the system which vehicle is in which branch. If the customer wishes, they can also deliver the vehicle to a different branch. The customer agreement on the program can be accessed from every branch.

Advantages of Using Titarus Rent Software
Rent a car software brings dozens of different advantages for businesses operating in this sector. You can see the advantageous situations that stand out in this context below.

Thanks to the software, transactions can be directly entered into the cash register and customer cards.

The vehicles that are booked are recorded in the reservation calendar of each vehicle. In this way, it is prevented that the same vehicle is reserved for the same customer at the same time.

If the broker is being used in car rental transactions, the commission amounts can be tracked back. At the same time, the commission amounts deserved by the brokers and the commissions received so far can be seen in details.

By preparing a separate damage form for each vehicle, before the vehicles are delivered to the customer, negative situations such as scratches and dents on the inside and outside are recorded.

Vehicle insurance, insurance, tax, visa status can be tracked through the calendar in the software system. The necessary income and expense analysis can be made by entering the expenses made with the vehicle to the vehicle expense card in the software.

The currency used in the software can be converted into foreign currency and the required profit account can be calculated in foreign currency.