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Rent A Car Automation

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Rent A Car Automation

What is Rent A Car Automation?

Rent a car automation is a software that is prepared with the use of various technologies and enables companies dealing with car rental business to carry out vehicle and fleet control, reservation tracking, sales and rental tracking, reporting and similar works and transactions with the help of a machine. Rent a car automation promises a unique process management to its user. It provides a comfortable business management where processes are developed and finalized automatically without the need for human intervention.

Rent a car automation should come with modules with high functionality. A rent a car company needs specially designed modules to view all the vehicles in its fleet in detail, to perform various operations on the vehicles, and to follow legal obligations such as maintenance - repair, insurance and inspection. The automation should follow up on your behalf and inform you in case of need.

Rent a car automation should work stable and fast. While many users are making transactions in the system, they should update the changes made instantly and be able to present updated data to the end user. If a lease made by a user is not visible to the other user, the process becomes undermined and the reliability of the company becomes questionable.

Meet With Titarus Rent A Car Automation

Titarus rent a car automation is a rent a car automation solution that has all the features you will need in the management of a rent a car company, strengthened with various technologies, and developed in a fast and stable structure.

User friendly

Titarus rent a car automation is user friendly with its advanced and understandable interface. It doesn't get lost between menus, it allows you to perform it with a few clicks regardless of the complexity of the action you want to do. It does not compromise on time and comfort!

Integrated Website

Titarus rent a car automation comes with a website that works integrated with it. You can also start using this website upon your request. Designed and programmed with the most up-to-date versions of web technologies, your website is designed with modern and stylish lines, 100% compatible with all mobile devices. In addition to sharing your company's information and documents on your website, you can share detailed information and prices about your fleet, interact with your customers with the forms you create and have the data you want.

Customer Relations (CRM)

Titarus rent a car automation allows you to easily access the information of your customers with its advanced customer relations (CRM) module. It is aimed to prevent confusion by easily accessing many data such as basic information, offers sent in the past, concluded interviews, sent mail and sms details with customer cards created for each customer through the module.

Human Resources

Titarus rent a car automation offers an advanced module for the management of the personnel working within the company. With this module, you can keep the personal files of your employees in the system as well as track the social rights of your employees. You can also follow up your monthly personnel payments, leave and health report details of the personnel from this module. Titarus rent a car automation aims to increase the power of your human resources department with its personnel module and to prevent you from facing legal problems in the future.

Free Management

We know the value of freedom for a manager. Titarus rent a car automation creates space for you to grow your business with a wider perspective while performing the tasks it undertakes for you, without error and quickly. Supported by mobile applications, the system has been designed in such a way that its managers can follow the system while spending time outside the office, perform their work and transactions, and be instantly involved in the whole process.

Accounting and Reports

We have not forgotten the accounting records of your company! Titarus rent a car automation allows you to easily keep the pre-accounting of your company with the accounting module and to get reports on many issues such as all income - expense, sales - leasing, personnel performance of your company and to create your strategies accordingly.