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Advantages of Using Rent A Car Automation

Sedef Sofulular
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Advantages of Using Rent A Car Automation

What is Rent A Car Automation?

Rent a car automation is the software that allows rent a car companies to manage their reservation, contract, vehicle fleet, accounting and all other transactions with a single software.
Since car rental companies have a dynamic business process, using rent a car automation is an extremely important and functional step. Because, it is necessary to perform operations under many titles such as introduction of vehicles, adding vehicle information, extras, reservation, payment steps, vehicle delivery, customer reminders, invoices or discounts.
The use of software will be practical solutions to keep the above steps organized and to record business action steps.

Thanks to the use of these software, also known as car rental programs, a very advantageous situation is achieved. There will be the same advantages for car rental managers, staff and even customers.

What are the Advantages?

Using the rent a car program allows you to stay ahead of your competitors in many areas as well as low costs.

Some of these advantages are as follows:

• As a rental company, you won't miss potential customers by adding a reservation form to your website.
• You can add all the details about the vehicles.
• You can arrange the payments as you wish.
• You can offer online payment or office payment options to your customers.
• You can create invoices quickly and easily.
• You can print invoices in the currency you want.
• Thanks to the reservation information, it becomes easier to return to your customers.
• You do not need to keep the contracts required for the rental in hard copy.
• You can keep your personnel information.
• You can create fleet records related to vehicles.
• You can prepare offers practically for those who want to rent a car or get information about your fleet.
• You can even check your staff's personal information or permissions.
• You can speed up coordination by using the same platform as your branches.
• You know when the maintenance, repair or other processes of your vehicles are approaching and their costs.
• It is easier to follow up income and expense.
• You can send SMS for campaigns or reminders.
• During discount periods, you can reflect special prices or combined discounts to the reservation menu.
• By reducing the workload of your employees, you get time to reach more customers.