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Fleet Pollution Software

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Fleet Pollution Software

What is Fleet Rental Software?

Fleet leasing software is software that enables the use of machine power in the management of processes such as fleet management, sales and marketing, and after-sales services for companies that make long-term vehicle leasing. The processes that are difficult to follow and take time under normal conditions can be managed much more easily and smoothly thanks to the fleet leasing software.

Why Should I Use Fleet Rental Software?

Fleet leasing companies need to keep all their records within a corporate structure within certain standards, manage processes professionally, and also eliminate errors and inconsistencies. Although an institutional structure has been created in an environment where all business and processes are managed manually, the system is always open to error. Fleet leasing software minimizes the human factor and prevents errors and malfunctions and provides a perfect experience with the technology it offers. Titarus fleet leasing software offers the best service as a fleet leasing software with its advanced technology and additional services that allow the establishment of a corporate structure and the simplest management of processes.

How Does Fleet Rental Software Work?

Fleet leasing software is a software whose main goal is to manage all processes from a single screen. It ensures that the current status of the vehicles in the fleet, business management tools such as reservation calendar, lease history, as well as legal responsibilities such as insurance and inspection are monitored. Thanks to the services it offers, the software provides full control in fleet leasing processes, thus saving time and labor.

What Should Be Considered While Choosing Fleet Leasing Software?

1- Advanced and Convenient Interface

A fleet leasing software that allows managing all processes from a single screen with an advanced interface, as well as an understandable and easy-to-learn fleet leasing software provides great freedom to the end user. Software that is difficult to understand and learn should not be preferred as it will affect the process negatively. Titarus also guarantees a high level of user experience with its powerful interface. With the professional training and support offered, it is ensured that the end user can easily overcome the difficulties encountered.

2- Services Offered

For companies doing fleet leasing business, software solutions can be used in the management of departments that make up the corporate structure, as well as process management. Considering the current situation of license costs, the costs to be paid for additional software can create a serious burden for the business. Fleet leasing software can keep this load to a minimum, if there are additional services it offers, or it can incorporate all solutions. When you choose a software that meets all your needs, you will not only get rid of financial burden, but also ensure the integrated operation of the system. With Titarus fleet leasing software, you will have the chance to meet all the needs of your company with a single license.

3- Website

Having a website where you can promote the vehicles in your fleet, accept reservations, receive payments and promote your company is a necessity for your corporate identity. When you have a website that works in integration with the fleet leasing software you have purchased, you will also have a faster, more stable and profitable structure in sales and marketing. The point you need to pay attention to here; is your website's functions and whether it is compatible with all devices. The website service offered with Titarus is 100% compatible and integrated with the system. Every transaction made on your website is reflected in the system in real time, preventing problems and confusion.

4 - Freedom

Avoid software that obliges you to be in your company to monitor and manage your company activities. Technology is improving every day. Applications that interpret this development correctly and include it in the process create extra freedom areas for managers. You can observe your work in real time and make interventions when necessary, even on a business trip, from the comfort of your home or while on vacation. It's that simple ...