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Car Rental Software

Fethi Uzun
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Car Rental Software

What is Car Rental Software?

Car rental software is programs that can be used on personal computers or via the cloud that offer advanced interfaces and modules that allow rent a car companies to easily do reservation, rental, contract management, accounting, customer relations and personnel work.

Required Features in Car Rental Software


Car rental software should be user friendly. It should be easy to use and access, the details of all transactions are thoroughly thought out, it should have modules that meet all expectations, and it should allow the user to perform all transactions easily without confusing the user.

Speed ​​and Stability

Recording all transactions made by the end user in the fastest way possible, and there should not be a negative change in the stability of the system over time. Software that has difficulty processing data as they use it can become a nightmare for the end user.

Multiple User Access

Users designated by the system administrator should be able to perform operations and transactions in the car rental system within their authority, and should not cause confusion in the car rental system.

Report and Analysis Tools

Car rental software should include reports and analysis modules for administrators. The future of the companies depends on the detailed reports of the data obtained and the analysis to be extracted from these reports. Based on factors such as the rental history and reservation density, the reports that will be put forward make a detailed analysis and greatly facilitate the planning of future periods.

Compatibility with Different Platforms

The car rental software should work in harmony with both mobile operating systems and the company's website, and reflect instant developments in reservation, rental, customer relations and similar issues to the system. Otherwise, the confusion that will arise causes both labor and time loss.

Ease of Planning

The car rental software should contain modules that make it easier to follow the maintenance - repair and legal processes of the vehicles registered in the system. The complete list of registered vehicles at any time requested by the manager should list the sustainability processes such as maintenance, repair, legal processes such as insurance and inspection in chronological order, and warn the manager about the upcoming event.

Titarus Car Rental Software

Titarus car rental software comes with an advanced interface that will meet all the needs of the end user. Working seamlessly with the website defined together, Titarus makes it easy to view instant reservations and rentals on the system and take action when necessary.

All offers and contracts you make with your customers are recorded on the system and are prepared in a way that you can access them with a few clicks at any time. While using Titarus car rental software, you do not need to worry about the security of your data, and your data is securely stored on our servers with high security standards with a special encryption technique.

Titarus car rental software allows you to be notified of every update by recording all messages transmitted by your customers on your website.

The advanced reporting system includes modules that allow you to easily view the reports of your company in terms of sales - marketing, payments, personnel performance, customer relations and income and expense with a few clicks.

Each company should have an operational scheme, and authority and responsibilities should be assigned to competent personnel on the basis of correct sharing. With Titarus car rental software, you can create your organization chart by sharing authority and responsibility with all employees of your company. In this way, all processes carried out can be organized correctly.

Titarus vehicle tracking software gives you back your freedom. An interface where you can make all your transactions online, view sales, make reservations or sales outside of your company is always accessible. In addition, the mobile application allows you to manage all your business from your mobile phone.