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What is Rent A Car Insurance?

Yunus Tıraş
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What is Rent A Car Insurance?

What Does Casco Do?

Insurance is a service that covers the repair costs of the vehicles involved in the accident and damaged and the payment of non-pecuniary damages in cases such as injury or death. Compulsory traffic insurance only covers the expenses of the other party, while automobile insurance offers a more comprehensive service.

What Is A Rent A Car Insert?

In a period in which car rental habits are developing day by day, the increase in rent a car for both business and private reasons leads to an increase in rent a car companies. Rent a car insurance, which is among the legal responsibilities of rent a car companies; These are insurance made to cover the damage caused to the vehicle in the event of accidents that are likely to be involved in the rented vehicles. The amount of collateral and insurance varies according to the agreement made and from company to company.

What Is The Difference Of A Rent A Car Helmet?

The most obvious difference between a standard insurance and a rent a car insurance is the cost. Insurance companies have developed different price policies for the rent a car insurance, as the ever-changing vehicle driver brings with it the rising risk graphic. There is an issue in which the two types of motor insurance are similar, and that is the coverage costs that vary according to the accident, material and moral damages included in the policies.

Rent a car insurance is subject to a special use. Since the rented vehicle is used by different users at short intervals, there is no material or moral compensation for minor damages in vehicles insured with the rent a car insurance. Generally, the exemption rate included in the policy varies between 3% and 5%. The amount of damage to be paid is determined based on the rates in the policy. Accordingly, when a rent a car vehicle crashes, after the necessary procedures are fulfilled, the exemption fee in the policy is calculated and the remaining part is paid to the rent a car company. For example, when a vehicle of 200.000 TL, which is 3% exempted in its policy, crashes, 3% of the 200.000 TL is not paid to the rent a car company. If the damage is over 3%, the difference is calculated and a payment is made to the relevant company. In this case, 3% is collected from the customer involved in the accident by the rent a car company.

What Conditions Are Required For The Helmet To Commission?

As with all types of motor insurance, the basic conditions are as follows:

1. The person driving the vehicle must be licensed and able to present the driver's license.

2. It must be proved by a medical report that the driver does not use alcohol or drugs.

3. It must be used by the person shown as the user in the car rental agreement. The user whose name is not in the contract means the violation of the insurance terms.

4. The parties involved in the accident should keep an accident report, and when necessary, a police or gendarmerie report should be kept.

What Are The Considerations Of Making A Private Insurence For Rent A Car Vehicles?

Rent a car insurance coverage and policy premiums are determined by considering risk factors. Since there is an obvious risk difference between the rent a car insurance and the private insurance, the premium payments of the private insurance are much lower. For this reason, the insurance company has the right to terminate if the vehicle is involved in an accident that requires the use of insurance and private insurance for rent a car vehicles. The legal regulations that come into effect in the event that one of the parties gains unfair gain by misleading the other, knowingly or unknowingly, recognizes this right.

Does Rent a Car Insurance Policy Have Road Assistance and Towing Service?

When a vehicle insured with the rent a car insurance policy remains on the road for any reason, it can generally benefit from the towing and withdrawal service without any exemption. However, roadside assistance service can be added to the policy in case of breakdown or accident.

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