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Vehicle inspection

Fethi Uzun
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Vehicle inspection

What is Vehicle Inspection?

We can briefly answer the question of what is vehicle inspection as follows: It is an application made to periodically control all kinds of vehicles used in traffic and to eliminate their defects and to eliminate such deficiencies that may cause accidents. In this application, vehicle owners make an appointment at the most suitable vehicle inspection station for them and take their vehicles to the relevant station at the relevant date and time, ready for inspection. In accordance with Article 34 of the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918; In this application, in which motorized or non-motorized vehicles on the road are checked whether they have the qualities suitable for traffic and passenger safety, a price is accrued by the inspection company according to the class of your vehicle and this fee is collected in cash.

What are the things to be done before the vehicle inspection?

In order to have a vehicle inspection, there is an obligation to fulfill some conditions determined by the state. First of all, you should go to the internet or tax office in person and check whether there are traffic fines, OGS or KGS illegal passes and different debts registered to your vehicle and pay them, if any. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, inspection stations work with a reservation system. For this reason, do not forget to log in to TÜVTÜRK's website and make an appointment for the appropriate date. Now that we have settled the reservation and debts, what we need to do is to prepare the traffic insurance, license, power of attorney, if any, and exhaust emission measurement stamp that we will need during the inspection. It is useful to open a separate paragraph for the exhaust emission measurement stamp, because the vehicles that enter the inspection without this stamp are considered to be seriously defective and their inspections are postponed to a later date.

If your vehicle has a CNG or LPG fuel system, you will also be asked for a leak proof report during the inspection. Do not forget that the mandatory equipment in all vehicles will be checked after these conditions are met. To list these equipments;

  1. Reflector Triangle

  2. First-aid kit

  3. Fire Extinguisher

  4. It's a spare.

If you do not want to have problems with the vehicle inspection, you should both prepare the required documents completely and carefully review the required equipment and the general condition of the vehicle. In this way, you can pass the examination without encountering a negative situation.

Vehicle Inspection Scope

Personnel at the inspection stations are responsible for verifying the vehicle's license and its physical counterparts. In other words, the correctness of the vehicle's fuel type, chassis number and seat number registered in the license is checked.

In the test of the brake system, the brake force values ​​of the right and left wheels of the front axle brake system are calculated. Checks made on the front axle are also applied on the rear axle. Brake efficiency should be at least 50%.

After passing the brake test, the electrical wiring of the vehicle, the electrical cables in the engine pool, the battery and the battery connections are checked.

When the vehicle is on a duct, the fluid under the vehicle that may cause leakage, the exhaust, the suspension system of the front and rear axles, the hoses, the brake system, the cables and the records are checked one by one to verify that there is no leakage, rust or damage in this area.

A substantial amount of traffic accidents that occur each year are due to incorrect or incomplete lighting. That's why inspectors verify that vehicle headlights work and illuminate the correct angles. It is absolutely checked whether the fog lights are working or not.

Various controls are also carried out inside the vehicle and whether the driver's seat is fixed, the condition of the seat belts, wipers, wiper fluid, windows, horn, heater, rear view mirrors and side mirrors are checked one by one.

Vehicle Inspection Evaluation

The document issued at the end of the inspection and given to the vehicle owner is called the vehicle inspection evaluation. In order to pass inspection, the vehicle must be identified as slightly defective or faultless. Otherwise, the vehicle must come for inspection at the same station within one month at the latest. Re-examination is free.

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