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May 2020, 28

Manage Your Car Rental Company From Home

Fethi Uzun
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Manage Your Car Rental Company From Home

In line with recent events, working from home has become a must in business life. Many companies started to carry out their work from home and do their business related to the internet. While it is imperative to run things from home, it is also a fact that it makes working life easier. One of the sectors that can work from home is car rental companies. Titarus software provides everything that the car rental company needs in order for its employees to carry out their business in the home environment. Thanks to Titarus, which includes all kinds of processes required during the works of rent a car companies, you can carry out your work in the comfort of home.

What you can do with Titarus

Thanks to Titarus software; contract management, reservation management and vehicle fleet management can be carried out quite easily. While doing contract management; You can view contract times, start and end dates on one screen. You can also see the customer's risk report through the car rental program. Reservation management is like your assistant on your computer screen. You can get a reservation and follow the whole process on your website .The vehicle fleet management, which is one of the popular features of Titarus, helps you to control all the necessary status of the vehicles. For example, you have the opportunity to check when your vehicle is due for inspection or when the car is charged. Titarus provides you with the opportunity to save time and work efficiently by incorporating many features you can make from your company.

Manage All Your Business Process From Home With Titarus

Working remotely is a process that requires discipline, although it sounds easy. Titarus car rental software helps you to carry out all your business reliably through a single platform thanks to its ease of use. With Titarus software, all you need to manage a company from home is an internet connection. You can take control of the whole process with your company's financial accounting, personnel, customer relations management. You can also use Titarus not only from a computer, but also from your mobile phone. By downloading the mobile form of Titarus software to your mobile phone, you can instantly follow the whole process about car rental and other transactions even on the move. The software provides great convenience not only to the business owners but also to the employees of the company. To take advantage of Titarus, you just need to leave your name, surname and phone number on the website.